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Animation (the undergraduate major)
        1.       Brief Introduction on The Major
        Animation is attached to Ministry of Education-Autodesk Inc. professional comprehensive reform project (getting approval in 2012). WACOM authorization classroom and labs for 3D animation, two-dimension animation, motion capture have been established to meet the specialty’s needs. The first-class school conditions make it possible for students to enjoy an excellent physical surroundings.
        2. Personnel Training
        The arts students who are the liberal arts ones or the science ones may be admitted to this major with 4-year educational system. Training levels include undergraduate cooperative training and graduate cooperative training. A bachelor’s degree in arts may be obtained after graduating.
        3. Main Courses 
        Introduction to Animation Art, 2D/3D Software Production Basis, Character and Scene Design, Animation Movement Axiom, Film and TV Animation Visual Language, Video post-production Basis, Digital Sound Processing, Video Packing, Multimedia Interface Design, Multimedia Software Production Basis, etc.
        4. Employment Orientation
        The graduates can be occupied in game animation, animated ad, network animation, film and TV media animation, video post, and the design,research, and management of art education. Alternatively, the students can study further to get a Master’s Degree on Animation or other related majors.
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