Study of Calligraphy
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Study of Calligraphy (the undergraduate major)
        1.     Brief Introduction on The Major
        Study of calligraphy is subordinated in the key disciplines of the provincial department of culture(being granted in 2008). The demonstration base of national calligraphy education training was founded in 2011. The research base of calligraphy culture industry development was approved by Shandong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Development in May 2011. The Xizhi calligraphy research center of Shandong province got approved by Provincial Department of Culture in May 2011. Moreover, training rooms were built, such as the workshop for painting and calligraphy copy, the studio for the traditional Chinese paintings, and the calligraphy workshop.
        2. Personnel Training
        The students who are the liberal arts ones as well as the art ones can be admitted to this major with 4-year educational system. Training levels include undergraduate cooperative training and graduate cooperative training. A bachelor’s degree in arts may be obtained after graduating.
        3. Main Courses
        Seal Character, Official Script, Regular Script, Running Script, Cursive Script, Introduction to Study of Calligraphy, Introduction to Philology, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Art, The Calligraphy Theories Through the Ages, Study of Sealing Cutting, Landscape Painting, Flower-and-Bird Painting, Figure Painting, The Training for Mounting Painting and Calligraphy, etc.
        4. Employment Orientation
        The graduates may be engaged in calligraphy creation, application, and management in industries and institutions related to calligraphy teaching and theory study, painting and calligraphy education and teaching research, publicity, culture, news media, and the like. Besides, the students can study further to get a Master’s Degree on Study of Calligraphy or other related majors.
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