Clothing and Costume Design
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Clothing and Costume Design (fashion show and image design direction )-the undergraduate major
        Clothing and costume design (fashion show and image design direction) is a new specialty, making its maiden enrollment in 2013. The faculty for this major includes the teaching staff (10), foreign teachers (3), professors (2), associate professors (2), masters (10), doctors (3), and one overseas scholar having obtained a degree. The specialty has 50 undergraduates, being subordinated in the school-level key discipline-art design(being approved in 2007), possessing a cooperative construction of provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. It has published nearly 20 papers, in charge of 4 provincial science research projects. Also, the undergraduates show their talents in competitions. More than 20 students have accepted awards above provincial level, among whom , over 10 students who have obtained national awards included.
        2. Personnel Training
        The students who are the liberal arts ones as well as the art ones may be admitted to this major with 4-year educational system. Training levels include undergraduate cooperative training and graduate cooperative training. A bachelor’s degree in arts may be obtained after graduating.    
        3. Main Courses
        Costume Design Basis, An Introduction to Art, Clothing Structure Design Basis (plan ), Clothing Structure Design Basis (stereoscopic), Clothing Technology Basis and Fashion Show Organization, Fashion Show Choreography, Fashion Photography, Fashion Show Basis, Physical Training, Image Design, Makeup, Hairstyle, Garment Style Design, Garment Accessories Design, Costume History, Public Relations and Garment Marketing, etc.
         4. Employment Orientation
         The graduates can work on garment design, clothing image design, fashion editing, brand management and marketing planning, fashion production management and education research in the relevant enterprises, fashion media, foreign-invested institutions, scientific research department and government administration. Also, the students can study further to get a Master’s Degree on clothing and costume design or other related majors.
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