Visual Communication Design
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        1. Brief Introduction on the Major
        Visual Communication Design is subordinated in school-level key disciplines of art design (approved in 2007), being equipped with one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, one school-level teaching staff, 2 high-quality courses-“VI Design” and “Mural Decoration”, possessing the bronze production studio, the pottery studio, the art design training center, the workshop with Apple computer, the large-scale outdoor inkjet printer, the photo machine, the professional digital imaging facility, the printing press, and the laser engraving machine, etc.
        2. Personnel Training
        The art students who are the liberal arts ones or the science ones may be admitted to this major with 4-year educational system. Training levels include undergraduate cooperative training and graduate cooperative training. A bachelor’s degree in arts may be obtained after graduating.
        3 .Main Courses
        Computer-aided Design, Font Design, Layout Design, Illustration Design, Logo Design, Advertising Poster Design, Book Binding , Packaging Design , VI Design.
        4. Employment Orientation
        The students after graduating can work on advertising media, packing, publishing, websites and management in the area of art education.
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