Fine Arts
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      Fine Arts (the undergraduate major)

        1. Brief Introduction on the Major
Fine arts, the undergraduate specialty, being equipped with one teaching pilot for professional programs of fine arts(teaching and education) and one training base for young art talents, possesses one school-level teaching staff, one provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, one collaborating center for international programs(the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw of Poland), one teachers’ studio of Lyon Academy of Fine Arts, over 20 sketching observation bases, the oil painting workshop, and the lab for synthetic arts.
        2. Personnel Training
        3. Main courses
        Chinese Art History and Works Appreciation, Foreign Art History and Works Appreciation, Art Anatomy, Painting Perspective, Composition Study, Calligraphy and Painting Basis, Prints Basis, Sketch Bust, Color Landscape; Design Basis, Sketch the Figure, Oil Painting and Still life, Oil Painting Bust, Freehand Flower-and-Bird Painting Basis, Landscape Painting Basis, Freehand Figure Painting Basis, Clay Sculpture, Pedagogy, Psychology, etc.
        4. Employment Orientation
        The graduates can be engaged in fine art teaching at the middle school, the secondary vocational school or colleges. Alternatively, they may be occupied in the creation and design work organized by mining industries and professional groups. Also, to get a Master’s Degree on Fine Arts or other related majors is a nice choice.
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